/ entry process

The entry process is simple. Please CLICK ON THE ENTER NOW BUTTON BELOW and complete

the entry form.


The submission form covers the following areas:

  • Background (max. 100 words including your business sector, number of employees, staff retention rate)

  • Why you believe your organisation is one of Hampshire’s top workplaces? (highlight key achievements over the last 12 months, providing tangible evidence wherever possible). Maximum 500 words

  • What is/are your standout initiative(s) of the year? (optional question, to be completed if you would like to be considered for one or more of the category awards). Maximum 250 words per initiative

  • Please note, the information in your submission will remain confidential and will only be seen by the Top Workplaces in Hampshire organisers and judges

Entries must KEEP to the specified word count

and could include all or any of the following:

  • Evidence of valuing employees including innovative employee benefits

  • Evidence to show the commercial benefits of the company’s ethos including productivity, recruitment and employee retention

  • A commitment to/evidence of a programme of diversity

  • Best practice in employee wellbeing, equal opportunities, mental and physical health, safety and flexible working

  • Effective line management and strong leadership and communication from the management team

  • Employee engagement and opportunities for employees to have their say

  • Training and development, including performance management

  • Results from employee surveys

  • Details of philanthropic activity

  • Details of how the workplace environment has a positive impact on employees

submissions will be judged against the following criteria

evidence of


Impact on the business


/ rules

  • Entry is open to all organisations with an office in Hampshire

  • For organisations with multiple offices, all statistics and evidence provided must relate exclusively to their Hampshire workforce

  • All entries must be completed using the entry form provided

  • All submission information will remain confidential to the judges and award organisers

  • The judges’ decision is final

  • If it is found that an entrant has knowingly provided false information, the organisers reserve the right to withdraw the entry